Ananta Creative Group

Ananta Creative Group

12 Stockton St, Princeton, NJ 08540

Ananta Creative Group is a marketing and public relations collaboration among writers, visual artists, digital marketing specialists and social media experts. We have evolved from a health and wellness marketing team to a boutique agency specializing in logo design, website design and digital marketing strategies.

Our location in Princeton, NJ, provides us with intellectual and creative inspiration every day. We love what we do. We have fun doing it. And we produce consistently excellent work with measurable results.

We approach every project and engage every new client with a clean slate, a fresh pot of coffee and a room full of open minds. And, yes, we also bring decades of experience in the creative arts and marketing professions to the table. We don't rely on a set standard of plays–a rigid, step-by-step guide to marketing success. Instead, we have a process that starts by building a team just right for your project. We know what has worked–and what has not–in the past. We pay very close attention to that, and continually modify our strategies and fine-tune our core services to meet your specific goals. Customization has distinguished Ananta from the beginning, from stunning photographs that demand attention to perfectly composed marketing materials that invite your audience to take action.

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