At Earth's End

At Earth's End

45 Spring St.

Ends of the Earth Brands is a community of intimate, private, relaxed, uniquely atmospheric Members Houses. Our purpose is to nurture the spirit and pursuit of all that makes us feel alive. It provides a range of experiences through The Social, The 1903 Lounge, and The Library where members inspire ease, enjoyment, and productivity throughout the day.

The ladies and gentlemen who are drawn to Ends of the Earth are diverse individuals who seek camaraderie and civility while being especially attuned to the spirit of adventure. Ends of the Earth are hidden in plain sight, escapes from the mundane, where tales are spun, conversation warms the spirit, and light the imagination toward the next adventure. The original Ends of the Earth was established in 1903 by explorers, leaders, and artists who would gather at the Savoy Hotel to exchange stories about travel, business, and civility. Rudyard Kipling was the founding President with General Pershing, Admiral Peary, and Mark Twain as members.

The Public Market is our Retail side with The Cafe by illy and The Parlour, an intimate cigar tasting room.

We hope to serve and delight the Princeton community and serve as good, responsible neighbors.

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