Farewell Architects

Farewell Architects

759 State Road, Suite 2, Princeton, NJ 08540

With a broad range of project types including schools, libraries, and museums, as well as housing and houses, Farewell Architects has resources in architectural design, interiors, and planning. 2014 marks the completion of 100 projects across a broad spectrum of scales.

Our work is grounded in the conviction that architecture is a community expression, that innovative new places have the ability to intensify, heighten and make memorable the rituals of use and occupation.  The work, therefore, has been centered on understanding occupants’ needs and experience, and translating that accommodation into new and expressive designs.  

We shape our buildings and plans to their sites and programs.  As designers we believe that the creation of places that relate to local and regional tradition is a critical goal of the community expression we seek.  Reinforcing the order of a college campus, knitting new architecture into the fabric of an existing city, and engaging the natural world in a profound dialogue are integral to our design approach.

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