Fresca Bowl and Poké Mahi

Fresca Bowl and Poké Mahi

142 Nassau St., Princeton, New Jersey 08542

This Princeton location features Fresca Bowl and Poké Mahi, combining two concepts into one.

Being energetic and staying healthy means Fresca Bowl. You think of fit body, healthy meals and a life full of energy and we bring you Fresca Bowl on the table. The superfoods we cherish in our bowls and smoothies will make you feel like supermen and superwomen. Not less than perfect.

At Poké Mahi, we want customers to experience the vivid, tropical flavors of Hawaii with each bite of our poke bowls. From the moment you walk in through our doors, Poke Mahi delivers a unique dining experience right up to the last grain of rice in your bowl. Many first-timers find our menu fresh and exciting, but we’re committed to making poke bowls casual and familiar for those who seek comfort food.

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