La Rosa Chicken & Grill

La Rosa Chicken & Grill

301 N Harrison St, Princeton, NJ

La Rosa Chicken & Grill is a modern-world eatery that stays true to old-world traditions. They use only natural, antibiotic-free chicken, flavored in a signature herb marinade, making their chicken tender and juicy. Side dishes are made from scratch using real fresh vegetables and local greens.

La Rosa offers a line of food that is cooked in ovens, kettles, open-fire grills and rotisseries, letting all fats extract while retaining everything wholesome. By starting with only fresh ingredients and a preparation that meets a commitment to exceptional quality, you end up with a meal that is unsurpassed in its category.

At La Rosa Chicken & Grill, be assured you are getting a nutritionally well-balanced meal for your family. Even when you want to indulge, their menu has healthy versions. They offer kids’ meals too.

Consider La Rosa Chicken & Grill for your next catered event!

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