The Mather-Hodge Funeral Home

The Mather-Hodge Funeral Home

40 Vandeventer Ave., Princeton, NJ 08542

The Mather Funeral Home was founded in 1916 by S. Southard Mather. Mr. Mather actively ran the day to day operations of the funeral home until he was joined by his son Maurice A. Mather in 1940. In 1942 Maurice Mather enlisted in the United States Army serving in the 82nd Airborne. “Morrie”, as known by his friends, returned in 1945 to run the family business until 1971.

R. Peter Hodge joined S. Southard and Maurice A. Mather to assist in the running of the family business. In August of 1971 the funeral home was purchased by Mr. Hodge and became known as the Mather-Hodge Funeral Home.

In August of 2003 Albert D. Correnti, Jr. and John A. Oliveti acquired the Mather-Hodge Funeral Home.

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