Experience Princeton Annual Report

Dear Stakeholder, Resident, Volunteer and/or Friend:

Thank you for taking the time to read the inaugural Annual Report of Experience Princeton. After our first year, we have plenty to report about our progress and achievements. Looking forward, we are really excited for what is to come as the organization takes root and grows.

As President of Experience Princeton, I’ve met hundreds of new friends in the past year. It is clear from these encounters that we all share a common love of this town. There is so much to celebrate and enjoy about this special place. We have added so many enthusiastic supporters and volunteers that I can’t help but have tremendous expectations for the future.

If you are someone who shares the desire to make Princeton even better, please join Experience Princeton. Whether it’s helping to organize a Meetup, submitting a story for the Newsletter, working with restaurant owners to promote Restaurant Week, we need you! Our Work Plan is shown in detail on pages 14-16. Please take a look and let us know if there is a project that connects with you.

If we haven’t already met, I hope we have the chance to do so in the near future.

Best wishes,

Aubrey W. Haines

Experience Princeton Board President

Some Highlights by the Numbers

For the period ending June 30, 2023:

  • 20,270 unique visitors to the new Experience Princeton website.
  • 6 Experience Princeton Meetups held with 149 people attending at least one.
  • Princeton Monthly newsletter grows to 3,408 subscribers.
  • Princeton Restaurant Week had 40 participating restaurants and $174,000 in direct spending.
  • 15 new businesses opened.
  • Decorations added with 50 flags, 350 strands of LED warm lights, and 52 bows for lamp posts.
  • Working with DPW instituted twice-a-day weekend trash collection from public waste bins, and twice-a-week sidewalk blowing on Witherspoon and Nassau St.
  • 1,002 Instagram followers and 27K reach.
  • 146 Facebook followers and 14K reach.
  • 3,814 volunteer hours valued at $121K

Download Experience Princeton 2023 Annual Report

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