Experience Princeton Launches Digital Gift Card to Support Local Businesses

Princeton, NJ – Experience Princeton introduces a new digital gift card program that allows consumers to give the gift of shopping locally. The Experience Princeton Digital Gift Card is accepted at over 50 participating retailers, restaurants, service providers, and venues in Princeton, making it easy for residents and visitors alike to support the local economy.

Princeton Council member and Experience Princeton Board Member Michelle Pirone Lambros said, “The Experience Princeton Digital Gift Card is the first of its kind in Princeton. It builds loyalty to our town’s businesses where the gift recipient can choose from dozens of options to use their card and the gift giver can help keep our businesses thriving by keeping their spending local.”

Studies have shown that shopping locally has a significant impact on the local economy. According to the American Independent Business Alliance, local independent retailers recirculate 52% of their revenue back into the community, compared to just 14% for national chains. Similarly, local restaurants recirculate 79% of their revenue, compared to only 30% for national chains. Every $100 spent at a locally owned business generates an additional $58 to the local economy, compared to just $33 for chain stores.

Aubrey Haines, President of Experience Princeton, stated the importance of supporting local businesses. “Our small business community is the heart and soul of Princeton. Initiatives like the Experience Princeton Digital Gift Card demonstrates how our small business community unites for our collective well-being and strengthens our local economy.”

Experience Princeton has partnered with Yiftee, the leading company in local gift cards that operate in over 500 cities and towns across the U.S., including notable locations such as the Times Square district in Manhattan, Long Island City, Detroit, and Nashville.

John Procaccini, a partner of the Gretalia Hospitality Group, which owns the PJ’s Pancake House, Trattoria Procaccini, and Mi Espana, shared his perspective on the card: “The beauty of this card allows customers to support the local business community but most importantly gives them a real opportunity to see what hospitality is all about.  When you frequent local small businesses where the owners' livelihood depends on providing excellent, personalized and sincere customer service that you don’t get with the big chains ultimately creating a repeat and loyal clientele.”

The Experience Princeton Digital Gift Card can be conveniently purchased online at https://app.yiftee.com/gift-card/experience-princeton and is redeemable at over 50 small businesses throughout Princeton, including the Princeton Shopping Center. “It is the perfect gift for the season, and any time of year, with a variety of options to choose from...restaurants, retail, and services all combined under one gift” added Pirone Lambros.  

This holiday season, give the gift of shopping local with the Experience Princeton Digital Gift Card. Support your favorite local businesses and help keep Princeton unique and thriving.

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